– The 2nd half of 2015 will see the release of a debut LP from vacantFunmachine. Crazyface is just one track which will appear on the album.

UPDATE: vacantFunmachine is pleased to announce that a band has been formed in order to perform the material live. 

– In 2014, vacantFunmachine created an album of video game music as part of a large University project. ‘Accessing The Essence’ was made to showcase the ability of composing music and sound design for video games.


Media Work

– This year vacantFunmachine will be instrumental in a collaborative project with filmmaker Auton Wolf on the feature ‘Pillow’; this includes composing the score and creating the sound design for the film, whilst offering other artistic insights with producers Alexander Verier and Dominic Bridges.

vacantFunmachine works for Maker’s Lair as a Lead Composition Artist on Wicked Evolving for a Broken Future.

vacantFunmachine has worked on various audio-related work for Designmap.


Production Work

vacantFunmachine works closely with singer-songwriter Thomas Ashby; co-producing and mastering two of his releases, both of which can be found on iTunes and Bandcamp.

– vacantFunmachine is currently working with Big Jelly Studios in producing The Ottermen’s debut EP ‘Home Grown Blues’.


For more music and sound design from vacantFunmachine, please visit the SoundCloud page.

You can find more of vacantFunmachine's music from the sites below.