I Shall Consume Everything

Later this month, Nintendo is releasing a remaster of an extremely special video game; The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. As many people know, this is not your typical light-hearted Nintendo game. I could write forever about how wonderful it is from a design point of view, but for me the most interesting and absorbing aspect of the game is the bleak, sinister tone which is set throughout. Naturally, the audio plays a vital role in achieving this.

The game features a wonderful soundtrack which is composed and sculptured by Koji Kondo (who else?). Majora’s Mask was released in 2000, and at this point the gaming world was already well aware of how brilliant a composer Kondo was, but here he also showed his skills as a sound designer. The score has had a huge impact on me, both as a person and as a musician, and I can say with some confidence that it has definitely influenced my work – my musical ‘style’.

During my final year at University I created a piece of sound art which explored some of the sonic qualities hidden in Kondo’s score. I sampled two tracks, ‘Clock Tower’ and ‘Majora’s Theme’, and the end result is an ambient rework which reflects the sinister, yet reflective, tone of the game. It was a really interesting piece of work to create, and I loved getting inside Kondo’s tracks and dismantling them in subtle ways.

The Daze From The Clock Tower can be heard here:

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